thenextlevelmagdynastypic1The Latin Dance Hall King written by Kisha Chandler

If you are looking to mash up di place at the bambam, make sure that the sound boy crank up the sound system and play some Dynasty.  Dynasty’s music will sure have everyone rocking to the rhythm and beat. What makes Dynasty different than the rest?  This prince of dancehall doesn’t hail from Jamaica – he is Latino.

Growing up on the streets of East New York, he immersed himself in the West Indian culture, sounds and vibes around him. Inspired by dancehall’s finest artist, Dynasty was hooked to this unique blend of music by his late uncle who also had an instant passion for dancehall and reggae. Listening to artists like Buju, Devonte & Tanto, Supercat, El General and Sean Paul; Dynasty knew that this genre of music was going to be a drug of choice. His musical talent also spans to salsa and hip hop genres which appealed to many musical groups looking for differentiating talent and he was signed by various record labels as early as the age of 12. His success is driven by his fan base; he doesn’t believe in giving up and makes sure that his fans are motivated.  He quickly mentions that he enjoys connecting with his fans and appreciates when his music has helped others get through tough times or crazy scenarios.  A true testament of his perseverance comes from his traphall anthem, “Neva Give Up”, ….Meeting this mega artist you can tell that he is real and has a humble side. While kickin’ it with him he mentioned how truly blessed he was to have the opportunity to tour all around the world. When asked, “While on tour what was one of your ‘on top’ moments?” Dynasty smiles and proudly states that he recently was the opening act for Redman and Method Man in Germany.  I couldn’t help, but, react with a hand slap and a “that’s what’s up”.

He credits DJ Camillo on NY’s Hot 97 radio station for helping his solo career take off by playing his music on the radio. Currently, he is working with Juganot for his video production and music licensing and was signed to the independent label, Lunchtime Records. BP records one of reggae’s biggest labels is distributing his music.Dynasty is on Fiyah. Catch him on Soundcloud by clicking on . You can also buy his single on youtube or googleplay. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to his youtube page - so you can watch his latest videos and be on the up and up when he drops new singles.