Cfrank15hanging The Game, One Lyric At A Time  By Kisha  Chandler

Emerging from the birthplace of hip-hop; that is Bronx, NY, Frank Ramz is out to reclaim the rap game by spitting bars that are thought provoking, positive and deal with his reality. Frank isn’t driven to fabricate the commercial garbage playing on the radio or send a monotonous message that doesn’t inspire, isn’t relatable or has no connections to the audience. Instead, Frank wants to give the people the “ medicine and the candy” to make good music that  represents who he is.  This self-conscious rapper concentrates on creating substantially
 raw, vivid, quality masterpieces that are true reflections of his life and the environment that surrounds him. Crafting a quality project takes precision, patience, and confidence.Frank believes that rappers with true skill tell their story, have a passion for inspiring the listener and the quality of their projects comes from their delivery system. He appreciates realness and found inspiration from all time great rappers such as Big Pun, Tupac, Kanye, Eminem, DMX. What is also interesting is that he also has a great respect for the late George Carlin. Frank credits these individuals for creating and sharing stories that weren’t superficial and he could relate. Frank stands for individuality and his music will never be about burners, making it rain, poppin’ bottles, girls, cars, or the fast life. Of course, he wants the good life and to make money, but he recognizes that it is achievable through hard work and a strong social and ethical foundation.He refers to KAMOstyle as a lifestyle and brotherhood of eight artists.  It exemplifies gaining a successful breath of Knowledge and More O’s or money. Knowledge seems to be an important part of Frank composition and  his lyrics educates the listener to common urban themes and complex situations but also offers positive resolutions or encourages optimistic dispositions.  On his free time, Frank connects with the youth  in his community by offering mentorship and talking to them about different topics that they can relate to. He doesn’t only provide academic nurturing but he empowers them with positive values and by encouraging them to defy  some of the cultural norms. He values the power of carrying yourself in a positive light and breaking stereotypical barriers.In his latest project, Medu$Aville Frank mesmerizes with his sonically dope and hypnotic beats, taking listeners through a lyrical journey of his life. His creative way of mind flows throughout this tour de force. His ultimate goal when talking about his hardships is to inspire, motivate, and  breathe positivity. He wants to give back what hip hop gave to him. He wants his fans to take something out of his music. His  biggest payback is inspiring others through his lyrics.Frank keeps it real but stays humble. He credits his family for shaping him into who he is today. He remains grounded, confident and true to self.You can find Frank’s music on iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube. To be on the up and up, be sure to follow Frank Ramz on Twitter or follow him on Instagram – ramzyy.