thenextlevelmagazinejiphotoJI The Prince of New York  Claiming The Throne of the Streets of New York  By Kisha Chandler

Vibrant, persistent, optimistic and rap’s future… JI The Prince of NY is only 14 year and has conquered the streets of NY and beyond with his rap style. There is a confidence that pours out of him but it’s not cocky, stubborn or annoying. 
 This lyrical genius is driven by humbleness and charisma. His attitude developed from the “do or die” streets of Brooklyn where he came up from and his Puerto Rican background. This young superstar realizes that being a hip hop star comes from the ability to have respect for the streets and other artist, but more importantly, having the ability to spit raw and quality bars! The kid is nice and doesn’t succumb to the cookie cutter rap game ghostwriters that create one hit wonders! He is here to stand up and claim the whole rap kingdom, so watch out! JI is trend setting and isn’t afraid of admitting he
was inspired by rap legends such as, Tupac, Big Pun, Nas and Biggie. Growing up in Crown Heights, he found that music ran through his veins and he had a story to tell so he would practice freestylin’ with his brothers. He only started writing about three years ago and is reppin’ his city right by killing the rap game. So, when he started watching the first season of The Rap Game, he knew that he had an opportunity to body that ‘ish and went on Instagram to claim the fame. His social media posts quickly caught the attention of Jermaine Dupri and he was invited to compete on Season 2 of The Rap Game on Lifetime. The show is intense and young artists are invited to participate in a 10-week rap boot camp to claim a music contract with SoSoDef. He didn’t win, but he came really close, killing challenges and impressing bloggers enough to predict he’d win despite his inexperience. Don’t sleep on the kid, his YouTube videos gain followers by the minute. From his freestyle videos “Uber Everywhere”, “Look at Me Now” and “No Static” his followers are in the triple digit figures. He credits, Mike Mor for his dope beats and his Momager for her support and management. He has also caught the attention of Hot97’s DJ Enuf and graces the cover of Hip Hop Weekly and The Next Level Magazine. Currently, he’s working on a collabo with a surprise artist but also looks forward to creating projects with rappers, such as, J.Cole, Drake, Fat Joe, Young MA, Remy Ma, Aye Boogie, Eminem and NY rappers.  He wants to focus on becoming a big artist but in the future, he wants to be independent. Although this kid is an aspiring rapper, he realizes that breaking the walls of the hip-hop empire is going to be hard because he is Puerto Rican but he will continue to focus on giving fans what they want – the music! JI’s motivation to continue comes from the haters! Early on the haters criticized, telling him he was too short to play basketball or do other things. He found solace in his music, hip hop has no height requirements he proclaims and the kid is right!

 Follow JI on Instagram at theprinceofny and you can find him on Facebook at Justin Rivera. You can also find his videos on YouTube and listen to his music on SoundCloud. To book JI the Prince of NY, email: