lettaj42The Southern Songstress Written by Alex Ramos

Letta J is a unique soul and recording artist that definitely will make you feel some type of way. At three years old Letta J started singing in church congregations of thousands of people under bishop T.D Jake’s leadership. Letta J credits the church as well as her Pastor Parents for providing her the foundation for her music. Although her substructure is Gospel music, Letta J loves telling stories to country songs. At the age of seven, J started writing her own music; She says that she feels as if “Contemporary music as well as R & B are just extensions of gospel.” Gospel music helped her convey her most intimate feelings and thoughts which would later transpire into her music. When asked to give advice to songwriters Letta J says, “If you keep it honest and authentic it is relatable because you are just giving a piece of yourself.”J says she grew up with love songs and enjoys singing it because “once you hear the right song it connects to a piece of you, you might not know.” She likes going “beyond borders and parameters” due to the fact that she is multiracial. J Implements that in the cross over of her music. What has inspired J to make music is the pureness of music. She cannot remember a time when music wasn’t a focal point in her life. Growing up she always had an instrument in her hand or was singing before she could even talk. Even without words, J says the music was so gripping that once the words came into play it was just another added element hooked on emotion. She goes on to say that music is her purpose and that without music she feels like she is not “even living”.When asked what’s the next level for you, J smiles and responds,  “I mean for me, award winning recording artist, i’m already a published songwriter”. J says that in  the next 5 years her goal would be to utilize her entrepreneur interests in creating organizations for inspiring young artists. She wants be be able to creatively provide an outlet for these artists to be the best they can be while crafting their talent. J on her free time enjoys writing and is a part of a publication called Diary of a writer. She writes about the music industry in hopes to inspire and empower all who read. She laughs and says, “Of course the goal is to have a best seller under my belt”. Well TNL wishes you the best of luck, Letta J and keep reaching your goal. You can catch Letta J via her social media platforms such as Instagram (@lettajmusic), soundcloud (lettajmusic), and Facebook (jayewattsmusic).