Manolo Rose Emerging From The Gully Streets

Emerging from the streets of Brooklyn & Far Rockaway, Manolo Rose never envisioned his life as a rapper; but, for this natural born rapper, fame and fortune has been on the rise practically overnight. Recently, he was signed to Memphis Bleek’s Warehouse Music Group under RocNation and is looking forward to gain exposure by taking his album on tour around the US. His lyrical energy bleeds the gritty darkness of the
mean streets were violence is king. From “Superflexin” featuring French Montana to “Run Rickey Run”, Manolo Rose provides the harsh reality of the hustle and grind found on the hardcore streets of the urban jungle. Not only has he collaborated with French Montana on several projects but his album, Concrete Rose features Fame School Slim and Telli. As he rises to the top, this overnight sensation is looking forward to work with producers and artists all over the world like Roy Woods, Audio Push, WizKid and Tory Lanez. His formula for prosperity in the rap game is built on the foundation that producing quality pieces requires time, patience and various points of inspiration but that’s what real talent is all about. Although his music is inspired by the violence he observed in his community and depicted in classic urban flicks, he states that it is also a place to have fun and he wants his music to represent both aspects. Fame and fortune isn’t everlasting and Manolo Rose is differentiating his portfolio by looking at getting into tech companies and possibly opening up a marijuana dispensary. In addition, prior to evolving as a hip hop artist he went to the Art Institute and was an inspiring designer. On a personal level, this talented dude has a positive, inspiring demeanor that isn’t really seen in his music. He also envisions being a lobbyist so that he can persuade the government to enact legislation that is important to him and most of all, his fans. Besides the music and his other inspiring goals, he shared with the Next Level Magazine that he enjoys reading and wants to start a book club and get people to think differently, improve their outlook and rise.  For more on this inspiring artist, you can find him on Twitter @manolo_rose, Instagram  @manolo_rose and Facebook. For features/booking email:  .