thenextlevelmagazinetiffanypic1Tough Skin By Kisha Chandler

Tiffany has a natural raw talent for creating music that emerges from different music genres and her lyrics can be poetic justice. You might quickly try to classify her music as
having a neo soul vibe but then she will elegantly switch the track up on you and have you bopping your head or twerking.  This amazing artist hails from Brooklyn which is why she intertwines hip-hop, pop, R&B and jazz in her style of music. Her sound is collective, creative and her voice is melodic, sensually breathy and dulcet. It is quite evident that Tiffany isn’t afraid of breaking barriers or exploring uncharted musical territories.She finds contemporary music losing itself and emerging into something new and different. By creating and producing her own music she doesn’t have to lose herself to a mass produced sound, style, lyrics or look.She began writing poems that later emerged into songs. She warns that her relationships and situations that she is exposed to in her life become the lyrics in her songs.   She credits her style to the influences of classic artists such as; Anita Baker and Bob Marley. Tiffany looks forward to grow and hopes to musically collaborate with the ever so innovative duo, Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

Her biggest supporter was her dad. Sadly, he passed away from lung and throat cancer but even when he struggled he comforted her and made her believe that everything would be fine. She feels like she channels his energy through her music. “Tough Skin” a track on her latest EP lays the foundation for the struggles faced within life.Writing and producing is not her only endeavor. Tiffany is passionate about acting.  Her latest endeavors have been working with iHeart radio, The Breakfast Club and The DL Hugely show.

To find out more about Tiffany Denise click on her website:!about/c10fk