Untitled 2Nyc subway's court Jester Written by KISHA CHANDLER

Adym Steven Evans is better known on the streets of New York City as Verbal ASE. Verbal ASE’s act can’t be found in the clubs of New York City, yet…Instead, this incredibly talented artist is disrupting the music scene by getting crowds of straphangers turnt up every day on popular platforms all over New York City. Verbal ASE's incredible talent doesn’t only come
from the booming speakers but also emanates from his mouth. He is a musician, beatboxer, impressionist and comedian. While in high school ASE first noticed his talents and started building his street cred. “I thought I was just some kid making goofy sounds around the high school campus”, recalls ASE. Gaining much respect from fellow schoolmates coupled with the support of his family, inspired young Adym to pursue his passion for making music with his voice. Recognizing the skills he had, ASE auditioned for a talent show at Power 88.1 Radio Station in Las Vegas and came in 3rd place. This moment made ASE realized that music was his destiny. Determined to gain recognition,  he continued to perform; however, to make ends meet he had to work dead end jobs from Walmart to Albertsons for several years. He soon realized that Vegas wasn’t going to lead to the success he was hungry for. Risking it all,  New York City’s  high-energy attracted ASE to drop beats and get the crowd jumping on train station platforms. In the city that never sleeps, Verbal ASE has made a name for himself by commingling his specialism of  beatboxing, voice impressions, and comedy along with current trending music. Social media has helped increase his fan base exponentially, along with his dedication to providing his audience with a full-fledged entertainment set and the ability to connect to his audience by bringing the music back to the streets. New York City is where ASE will achieve his dreams, when asked where do you see yourself in the near future, with a smile he remarks "You can never dream too big". What’s next from Verbal ASE?   Don’t be surprised if he pops up on Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kid’s Choice Awards or creating his own cartoon webisodes. It won't be too long before he ends up on television or the big screen.ASE knows the game is about being hungry, hustling but also being humble. His perseverance and optimism paired up with his passion elevate his dreams to reality and this is recognized by the Next Level Magazine, as talent. To catch one of his performances you can go to his website: http://www.verbalase.com/ , follow him on Facebook, Instagram or watch his videos on YouTube and Worldstar HipHop.